Why Forword?

Forword provides inexpensive, quality translations for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. We offer a number of things other companies do not.

1. Collaboration & Partnership

Forword acts as a collaborative agency similar to a nonprofit. We are your partner and will fulfill any requests in a timely manner. We also advise our clients on translation-related issues from the value of Google Translate to what amazing websites we love. We encourage our clients to ask us about language materials and resources, which we provide at no charge.

2. Multiple checks

keepyourlegssmallThrough a system of multiple checks and well-trained language professionals, we guarantee that Forword’s translations are better than those of our competitors.

Make sure your translation doesn’t end up like this! At Forword, translations are carefully scrutinized by at least three people to ensure that the translation is correct and that the document is formatted properly.

3. Transparency & Flexibility

At Forword there is no minimum word count, and there are no rush fees or editing fees. If you want a translation to look like your original, graphically designed document, we can do that — no charge. If you want your translation to appear line-by-line in an Excel document, we can do that — no charge. At Forword, we are patient, flexible, and transparent about our process. We want to ensure that the translation of your material is high quality, low cost.

4. Customer service

We work with, not for, our clients. We will help you promote your business or organization, advise you on your translation needs, and respond to your requests, no matter how large or small. If you have any concerns about the translations, we’ll be sure to address them before, during, and after the project.