About Us

What We Do

Forword Translations, Inc. provides inexpensive, quality translations for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. We aim to stimulate growth in nonprofits by helping them expand their network of services to speakers of other languages. And we strive to help companies with limited resources attract more business by allowing them to take advantage of translation opportunities that are usually only available to larger, better-endowed corporations.

Why We Do What We Do

Forword is different within the translation industry for two reasons: its target clientele and its affordability. See more about why we’re different on the “Why Forword?” page.

Nonprofits and small businesses are eager to grow, reach out, and develop from increased exposure. We help nonprofits spread their mission to a greater population so that more people know about their services. Most translation companies do provide services for nonprofits, but few companies specifically cater to them, which is why Forword is the premier name in such services.

Forword’s aim is to help organizations with small budgets grow and develop. Forword provides quality translations at a much lower rate than its larger competitors, while still maintaining the quality and reliability of a company with many resources.

Forword is the best choice to help your nonprofit or business grow.

How Does It Work?

Many of our clients ask how we are able to provide free or low-cost services without ourselves being a nonprofit. Forword’s business strategy is a form of a cross-subsidy model. In normal cross-subsidy models, one product is priced lower than its cost to the seller (say, a $1 hamburger), so as to attract business, while another, related product’s price (say, $5 french fries) is high enough to offset the losses of the first product.

At Forword, the products are the same — translation services — so it is not a traditional cross-subsidy model. The cross-subsidy comes into play when we provide free translations for organizations with few needs, while charging a modest fee to organizations with many needs (who likely have funds allocated for translation services already).

Somehow, we also have the lowest prices of any translation services company in New York City, and if you find a lower quote, we’ll match it. You can find more about a quote for your organization on our pricing page.